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Deer Scoring Rules - Regulations - Eligibility

To be eligible for prizes, antlers must be brought to the registration desk in Barton Coliseum from 1 pm to 8 pm Friday or Saturday 9am - 5 pm Saturday. There is no fee for contest or scoring of 2 deer per hunter other than general admission charge.  There is a $10 charge per antler after two. Each entrant must leave antlers on display through the awards presentation on Sunday to be eligible for prizes. Finalists needed for polygraph will be notified and must be available for testing Sunday morning.  It is the entrants' responsibility to leave a phone number to be contacted for testing time. No shows for polygraph are disqualified.



The Classic is open to all whitetail hunters who hunt in the state of Arkansas. Scoring is done on site at the Classic. IF you have had your deer officially scored before the Classic, it is B&C rules AND our rule that you must inform us and provide copy of paperwork. Failure to do so will be grounds for disqualification of all prizes!



  • Antlers for all divisions must be current season Arkansas Whitetail deer except        Best of Show & Best New Buck, (which are for previous season whitetail deer).

  • Antlers must be checked in at registration desk by 5:00 pm Saturday.

  • Entrant must supply all requested information for entry at check-in: NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, DATE OF HARVEST, COUNTY OF HARVEST

  • Falsified information will disqualify entrant for any prizes or awards.

  • Entrant must be willing to submit to polygraph testing & pass polygraph or be disqualified. For youth entries, a parent or the hunting partner must agree to polygraph.

  • Antlers must have been obtained within full compliance of all game laws of the state of Arkansas and must comply with Boone & Crockett guidelines of Fair Chase.

  • All antlers must have been taken in Arkansas or under Arkansas jurisdiction (except Best of Show for Out of State), and all under FAIR CHASE guidelines.

  • Any antlers removed from the Classic prior to the Awards Presentation on Sunday forfeit any awards or prizes.

  • All entries will be scored and recorded in the BIG BUCK Classic archives USING Boone & Crockett & Pope & Young SCORING SYSTEM

  •  BBC scorers will try to make a notation if a deer qualifies for distinction with the appropriate Association but paperwork for these organizations and any fees for these Independent Associations are up to the hunter.

  • All entries agree by their entry to allow Arkansas Big Buck Classic, Inc., its agents and sponsors the right to take and use photos for promotional purposes without further compensation.

  • All entries receive an Arkansas Big Buck Classic scoring certificate.

  • In the event of a tie in any division, including Overall, the largest gross scoring buck will win.

  • All decisions made by the Arkansas Big Buck Classic, Inc. are final.

  •  Designation as TYPICAL or NONTYPICAL is determined by how the deer scores the best in each class.

  • Overall winner will win their category prize and OVERALL PRIZE.


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